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  • Full Color Display:  Display is protected from impact
  • Torch cooling: Gas of water (W)
  • Ventilation system: Protects internal life from pollution
  • Storage drawer: consumables are always ready to hand
  • Job memory: Up to 99 jobs
  • Generator suitable: Also suitable for smaler generators
  • Robust casing: Electronics is optimally protected even when it falls up to 90 cm

Welding Technology
Welding Processes
  • TIG DC  -  TIG AC/DC  -  MMA

TIGER® digital - mobile TIG welding unit that sets new standards
The innovative TIGER® digital welding unit is the mobile solution for all trade and industry welding work. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the TIG inverter TIGER® equipped with up to eight process variants provides you with high-quality weld seams with a perfect seam appearance.
The TIG welding unit has an arc suitable for every application. Regardless of whether you are joining workpieces made of stainless steel, aluminium, steel, copper or titanium.
In addition to the quality requirements, the installation, assembly and maintenance areas place the highest demands on the mobility and handling of the welding unit.
The new inverter from REHM meets all these practical requirements and weighing only 7.1 kg it is the lightest welding unit in its performance class.

Extremely Robust and lightweight, offering unrivelled industrial performance
The powerful and robust lightweight TIGER® digital from REHM has an impressive design from the ergonomically shaped handle to the integrated drawer. Use the TIGER® handle to transport cables and hose packs and keep one hand free. The drawer integrated into the case saves time-consuming searching for parts. It contains all of the necessary wear parts right at your fingertips.
This rugged device can even endure being dropped. The housing is designed to absorb impact forces and the power electronics can withstand falling from a height of up to 90 centimetres without damage. This design continues in the R-Pilot rotary encoder that Rehm developers have built especially for hard applications. The display and rotary encoder are provided with reliable impact protection to safeguard the internal electronics.
The encapsulated electronics of the TIG inverter further optimises the protection of the electronics and reliably shields the sensitive electronic components from dust-laden ambient air.

Intuitive operating concept for optimised TIG welding
The user-friendliness of the welding equipment and the clear design of the display contribute significantly to efficiency when TIG welding.
The REHM inverter TIGER® fulfils these requirements through its intelligent and patented display design.

The TIG Inverter TIGER® provides you with these highly important functions.

Assist - Provides help when its needed.
Assist - Helps set up your machine for various materials and joint configurations with simple input
Assist - provides practical welding tips with comprehensive information on all welding tasks.
Assist - Increases the reliability and quality of your work.

  • Digital full colour display with impact-resistant plastic screen.
  • Self-explanatory graphics show all settings at a glance.
  • A dynamic graphic display shows changes in the welding parameters.
  • Clarity - you only see what is active at the current time.
  • Four quick-store buttons for storing and recalling individual welding tasks.
  • Program memory for 100 programs.
  • Easy and fast navigation in the selected application field.
  • Delivered with preinstalled programs.

TIGER® digital is available in two versions - HIGH and ULTRA

The HIGH version is equipped with a wide and comprehensive range of functions.

The ULTRA version has additional features that provide outstanding Arc Control.  

For example
  • 17.5 kHz HYPER.PULS technology
  • DUAL.WAVE technology
  • individual space for setting welding parameters and 99 additional storage spaces for recurring welding programs.

Both versions are available as a gas or water-cooled model variant and are available in DC or AC/DC.

TIGER® digital 180 DC HIGH
  • Setting range: 4-180 A
  • Duty cycle: 40 %
  • Mains connection: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23 S
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Processes:

TIGER® digital 180 AC/DC HIGH
  • Setting range: 4-180 A
  • Duty cycle: 40 %
  • Mains connection: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23 S
  • Weight: 7,3 kg
  • Prosesses:

TIGER® digital 180 DC ULTRA
  • Setting range: 4-180 A
  • Duty cycle: 40 %
  • Mains connection: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23 S
  • Weight: 7,1 kg
  • Prosesses:

TIGER® digital 180 AC/DC ULTRA
  • Setting range: 4-180 A
  • Duty cycle: 40 %
  • Mains connection: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23 S
  • Weight: 7,3 kg

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