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SYNERGIC.PRO - Small Casework Integral Feeder



MIG Welding Machine 35-300A - Synergic.Pro 310-4


SYNERGIG.PRO2   310-4  MIG Machine  

  • 310 Amps Air Cooled Power Source

  • Industrial Power 310 amps @ 40% Duty Cycle at 40°C

  • Heavy Duty Compact Small Casework

  • SMC® Technology

  • REHM SDI Technology - Stepless Dynamic Induction

  • Digital Processor Control with Synergic Characteristic Curve

  • 2 Digital Seven-Segment Displays for documented quality control

Advanced Technology Power Source
Output current:  35 - 300 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage:  17 - 41 volts
Duty cycle:   210 Amps.  @ 100 % at 40°C
Input voltage:   3 x 400 volts
Fuse Rating:   16 Amp (slow blow)
Weight:   78 kg

The SYNERGIC.PRO 310-4  Mig SET includes the following features:

  • Integrated 4 wheel Wire Feed System - Offering exceptionally smooth wire feeding through digital capture of wire feed rate.

  • The revolutionary Smart Machine Control - You concentrate on welding - SMC® technology does the rest! - A unique regulation concept developed by REHM in a stepped system: The arc length is not only controlled by measuring the arc voltage and the welding current, but also by digital capture of the wire feed rate..

  • REHM SDI Technology (Stepless Dynamic Induction) - Continuously adjustable electronic choke provides outstanding arc striking characteristics with an exceptional smooth and stable arc.

  • Digital Processor Control with Synergic Curves - Wire feed rate is automatically adjusted with the voltage offering the most optimum setting at all times.  The machine can also be operated in standard manual mode where separate voltage and wire speed adjustment is carried out by the operator..

  • Two Seven Segment Digital Displays - for Voltage; welding current; material thickness and error codes.  The displays allow for easy validation of welding output current for the most demanding quality control procedures..

  • Creep Start - This automatic feature controls wire feed rate until the arc is struck.

  • Temperature Controlled Fan - Optimises cooling power; reduces noise and power consumption..

  • Large HD Wheels - Allows easy manoeuvrability in the most demanding environments.

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