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Setting the New Standard in TIG welding today

The INVERTIG.PRO TIG Range - weld from 3 to 450 Amps - 100% Duty Cycle - only 29.5 kg !  

INVERTIG.PRO TIG Range includes the following features:

  • 3 to 450 Amps

  • 100% Duty Cycle

  • 240A / 280A / 350A and 450A Machines

  • Our lightest 240A DC machine weighs only 24.5 kg !

  • Our heaviest 450A  AC/DC Machine weighs only 29.5 kg !

  • The INVERTIG.PRO range offers the user exceptional arc characteristics and control.-

  • All machines will weld at an incredible 3 amps - This coupled with separate control of the Ignition Energy and start current, allow arc striking on the very edge of the thinest of materials

  • Intelligent Ignition Control - Ignition energy is infinitely variable between 10% and 99% of the welding current for perfectly smooth arc ignition on both HF and Lift-Arc, offering exceptional control when welding thin materials at low amperage

  • Selectable HF Ignition Control - Allows you to tackle the smallest of jobs, even in sensitive electronic and computer environments, offering HF Ignition (which is switched off once the arc is established in both AC and DC modes), Lift-Arc Ignition which establishes the arc without using any HF, allowing for example, the repair of sensitive CNC equipment in hospitals which would normally risk being damaged by high-voltage.

  • Intelligent Start Current Control - The start current is infinitely variable between 10% and 99% of the welding current for perfectly smooth arc starting on both HF and Lift-Arc, offering exceptional control when welding thin materials at low amperage. Often used with Intelligent Ignition Control.

  • Pulse Control as standard - Reduced heat input and increased weld quality and control. Especially useful when welding thin materials. Both conventional and high frequency pulsing is available.

  • Conventional Pulsing - offers pulse times greater than 0.1 second

  • High Frequency Pulsing - between 10 Hz and 500 Hz.-

  • Ultra High Frequency Pulsing - between 500 Hz and 3000 Hz.-

  • Fully Programmable - The operator can store up to 99 programs, offering total repeatability and job selection at a touch of a button-

  • Dual Wave Mode - For the welding of Aluminium. This new patented process allows far greater control of the weld pool when welding Aluminium out of position and results in significant quality improvements. (AC/DC Machine Only)-

  • AC Wave Balance Control - Wave balance can be adjusted from -80% to +80% allowing the arc to be influenced to enhance greater cleaning or penetration during the welding of Aluminium. (AC/DC Machine Only)-

  • REHM Automatic Frequency Control System - The frequency is automatically adjusted to the current intensity during AC welding. This offers superior arc characteristics along with improved tungsten life and efficiency. For difficult applications, manual adjustment is also available.

REHM Invertig.Pro Tig Machine


German Technology working at the highest level

TIG Welding Redefined
The new INVERTIG.PRO range revolutionises TIG welding from start to finish.

  • Weld Seam Quality and Energy Efficiency defines new standards world-wide.

  • INVERTIG.PRO - 100% Duty Cycle for un-interrupted TIG Welding

  • INVERTIG.PRO - offers a fully comprehensive range from 240Amps DC to 450Amps AC/DC.

  • INVERTIG.PRO - almost unlimited flexibility in a variety of different welding applications.

  • INVERTIG.PRO - delivers performance and repeatability.

  • INVERTIG.PRO - probably the greatest power to weight ratio available today

The new TIG feel from REHM
The INVERTIG.PRO combines the finest welding technology with the greatest degree of operating convenience.  The unique partnership of the newly developed Bi-Power-Inverter and the precise, digital welding process regulation system offers as yet unattained welding properties.  Regardless of whether you are welding steel, stainless steel, nickel or nickel-based alloys, titanium, copper or aluminum (AC/DC), thick or thin materials, using standard or special gases, the precise co-ordination of the high-quality performance components guarantees fantastic Arc Ignition and welding properties with precise and repeatable quality control at all times.
Designed for flexible use, the INVERTIG.PRO range covers a wide range of applications and is important when performance and durability affect economy.

INVERTIG.PRO - The Revolution

  • Unbelievably simple, and amasingly easy to handle and operate - even when wearing gloves!.

  • Easy to read, clear and self-explanatory controls and operation

  • Highest duty cycle and output at sensationally low weight

  • No limits - TIG Weld for as long as you want!

  • 100 % Duty Cycle for ALL units in the INVERTIG.PRO range

Perfect arc stability

  • The rapid and precise welding process controller keeps the arc stable in all situations.

  • Perfectly safe and precise arc ignition thanks to the innovative ignition management system.

  • Where other machines give up, the INVERTIG.PRO continues to operate perfectly.

iSYSTEM - Inteligent System

  • The CAN-networked multiprocessor architecture, linked to intelligent expansion modules, opens up a wide range of uses.  Simply Plug & Play.

INVERTIG.PRO - Secure and Simple Operation

Child's play - The REHM operating concept

R-Pilot - wide range of functions and easy to operate

  • Pure ergonomics: Anyone can start using the INVERTIG.PRO immediately.

  • All of the essential settings can be made precisely, and in mere seconds, using a single button.

  • Greatest operating convenience - even with your welding gloves on!

  • The large and clear operating panel is self-explanatory.

  • The centrally arranged R-Pilot can be used to quickly and safely access all sectors of the welding parameters important to the user.

Program Memory

  • The INVERTIG.PRO allows you to save up to 99 programs.

  • This saves time and also enables you to work quickly whilst guaranteeing repeatable welding results at the same time.

Quick Choice Buttons

  • Safety, convenience and time-saving.  The QUICK CHOICE buttons P1 and P2 allow two current settings of a welding task to be saved quickly and easily.

  • These welding programs can be called up by pressing the relevant button, or pressing the R-TIG Up/Down button on the welding torch.

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